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Friday, October 24, 2008

New Dress and Pinafore

I have posted a new dress and a pinafore on my site the other day and I have a customer to thank for this. I had a customer email me and ask if I made the old fashioned pinafores with a apron, bib and ruffle. I was excited to say yes and began making it for her. This was her comment when she received the dress.

"..I am at a loss for words.......the dress is just beautiful. I can't explain how I felt and it may sould silly but I was overcome with emotion upon opening the package. Your work is wonderful to say the least. I've been showing all my friends (all who seem to have just boys) and they are all now praying to have grandaughters one to dress.

Thank you again, I'm so glad I stumbled upon your sight two months ago."

It's comments like this that make my day and give me the little extra something to keep doing what I'm doing. You can find the dress and pinafore along with my other custom made outfits at
my website.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oct 19, 2008-Baby Scare

Yesterday evening we had a little bit of a scare from my daughter in law. She called me and asked if I could watch the grandkids while she went to the hospital. Apparently she hadn't felt any movement and her blood pressure was up. We met her at the hospital and took the kids to our house and fortunately everything turned out ok. The drs. said that she needed to rest more. Anyone who has toddlers should get a great laugh out of that statement. Her husband is away during the week working, they just moved into their new house and she has 2 active kids..and she is supposed to rest more.... you gotta love dr's recommendations. We were so glad to know that everything turned out good.

"What the mind conceives, and the heart believes, the spirt will achieve"

Thursday, October 2, 2008

October 2 2008 It's October already

Looking at the calendar it's hard to believe that it is already October and we are in the final quarter of another year. It's hard to know what season you are in living in Mesa Arizona because even though it is October and fall we are still in the 100's.
I got to visit with my daughter yesterday before she heads off to Oklahoma with her husband. Her husband is in the Air Force and will be doing his flight training in Oklahoma. It was hard to see her go but like all mom's we have to let them go so that they can live their own lives. On the other end of that I have a son and his family moving back to this area so while one is leaving another is returning. It will be great being able to see them more often.
I finally posted my new designs on
my website but I'm not finished yet because I have other outfits that are in the process of being completed but I needed to get some new things up. It's funny how when I first started this business I wanted to specialize in dresses with pinafores but I soon found out that those weren't in demand so I stopped making them. Just recently I have had several requests for dresses with pinafores so I am in the process of making one right now and will be focusing this coming year on more dresses with pinafores along with my other more trendy outfits. I'm also hoping to find someone out there that would be interested in working with me on this business so it can grow.

As always I look forward to seeing you at Pinafores and Knickerbockers

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Family Photo
Family Photo

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Melissa and Chris family wedding pic
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